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You can go to read info of the new band of John on :

Here an article of the first concert in Monaco from Souvik.

Chick Corea and John McLaughlin met back in 1969. The first tune they ever played together was In A Silent Way with the legendary Miles Davis. Tonight at the opening night of their world tour that started at the Grimaldi Theatre in Monte Carlo these two long time friends paid tribute to both Miles and composer Joe Zawinul by reprising their 1969 effort on the evening’s first piece.

The 5-Peace Band also features bassist Christian McBride, saxophonist Kenny Garrett and the drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. For this charity performance the group played a raucous 90 minute set! Featured were tunes from both John McLaughlin’s and Chick Corea’s songbooks. Apart from the signature McLaughlin compositions like  “Raju” from Floating Point , “New Blues, Old Bruise” and “Senor CS”  from Industrial Zen,Chick wrote a couple of beautiful tunes  for the tour including “Hymn to Andromeda”. John wrote ”Four Peace Band.”

All in all, it was a roaring night of music and bodes well for the many nights of amazing music to follow. The band will tour Europe this month and Asia and America in 2009.

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