As you can see there are three tube Pre-amps. In the rig itself you will see the Zen Drive which is what I recorded with recently, but above you will see the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube which I also like very much, and to the right one of my oldest favorites, the Mesa-Boogie V-Twin. I like them all and it really depends on what mood I’m in which one I use.In the middle of those two, you will see a prototype of the new wireless midi for guitar that was invented by Andras Szalay, and is distributed by Fishman Associates.The rig itself is self evident and needs no commentary from me other than it stays the same whichever pre-amp I use.



Custom Made Double Neck by Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Paul built me this guitar for my US Farewell Tour in 2017. I no longer have this magnificent instrument as it was auctioned directly after the tour and all proceeds were donated to Al-Mada, a non-profit organisation healing traumatized children through music therapy.
The New York Skyline Guitar built by Paul Reed Smith
This instrument is a true work of art in every sense of the term

Guitar was built by Mike Sabre.
This guitar has an old Johnny Smith Humbucker with Richard McClish hardware and midi pickup. A great traveling guitar with a wonderful sound.
Guitar. Gibson J200.
Perhaps the greatest steel string acoustic guitar ever built: on condition you like that Gibson sound, Martin Guitar players will no doubt disagree with me…
Guitar. Abraham Wechter. ‘Notre Dame’ or ‘Our Lady’.
A nylon strung guitar in the classical sense: no cutaway and peg tuners!. This guitar has a marvelous tone and is featured throughout the CD ‘Thieves & Poets’.
Guitar. Paul Reed Smith ‘PRS’.
This guitar is a jewel. You can hear it on the new recording ‘Now Here This’ and it is a delight to play.
The Shakti Guitar built for me by master luthier Mirko Borghino.
The original Shakti guitar was built by Abraham Wechter, but Mirko only saw it in photos. What’s amazing is that his is perfect in every detail. A wonderful instrument.
Gibson 1958 Les Paul Custom Reissue with Bigsby
A similar Guitar to this one is featured on the Lifetime Recording ‘Emergency’ and also the first Mahavishnu Orchestra Album ‘The Inner Mounting Flame’.
I’ve always loved this guitar.
Guitar. Godin ‘Fretless Nylon’.
A large part of m y career has been dedicated to the acoustic guitar. With this instrument, again recently acquired, I want to experiment with the nylon string tone which I love, coupled with the Synth access, and last but not least, it’s ‘FRETLESS !!!!!.
1968 Fender Stratocaster Reissue
A white Strat, reminding me of the 1968 white Strat I gave to Jeff Beck in the mid-1970′s, which was stolen…
1976 Gibson 345 with Bigsby
This is one of my all time favorite guitars that I bought in 1978.This instrument has been modified with a scalloped fingerboard and of course the Bigsby. I played this guitar in the One Truth Band.
1978 Gibson Johnny Smith with Bigsby
A great guitar that I played with the group ‘The Free Spirits’ in the early 1990’s.
1985 Abraham Wechter Acoustic Cutaway
This guitar was played extensively with my Trio featuring Trilok Gurtu and Kai Eckhardt. A Fishman condenser microphone and piezo midi captor – a great instrument.