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It became clear to me some years ago that the real art of teaching lies in the way of showing with detailed clarity the way the teacher accomplishes what he does. The student can then adopt the various techniques he has understood and progressively apply them to his own instrument. This is the philosophy I have adopted in this DVD, and it is for this reason entitled: « THIS IS THE WAY I DO IT ». This DVD is a ZONE 2 PAL Version, If you want a NTSC

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There are 12 Chapters, and each chapter begins with me speaking about the scale with its particular set of modes that the chapter is dedicated to. The chapters are categorized in the following order :

  • The Basic Modes
  • Rhythmic Development of Basic Modes + Introduction of the Major Pentatonic Scale
  • Modal Fluency Development + Phrasing
  • Introduction of Linear Triads + Scale Tone Chords
  • Symmetric Scale and Development of Fluency
  • Chromaticism
  • Harmonic Minor and its Harmonic Development
  • Melodic Minor and its Modal Development
  • Advanced Development of Melodic Minor and Introduction of the 2 :5 :1 Movement