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Black Light

Black Light

All my recordings are personal and reflect what is happening in my interior world, and I’m happy about the way the diverse cultural influences that have impacted on me for so many years, are showing themselves in this new album. The inclusion of ‘movements’ inside the pieces is a new development for me and I like the way they work within, giving a breath, or pause with a different dynamic. The work here relates to, and is a development of the work I began with the album ‘Industrial Zen’ .
In addition there are a number of homages:, namely in « Here come the Jiis » to the memory of the wonderful musician with whom I played for 14 years, Mandolin Shrinivas. The piece « Panditji » is a small thank you to a great human being and musician, Pandit Ravi Shankar, with whom I had the honor of studying under during the middle 1970’s.

« El Hombre que Sabià » is for the unforgettable Paco de Lucia, and is one of the pieces we had planned to record together last year. He was particularly fond of this piece, so I changed the title and worked out an arrangement with the great musicians of 4D; I’m really happy how it turned out.
« Being you being me » comes out of an experience of seeing the One in the many. I am personally convinced that the only real evolution in humanity will be when we all see the divine in each other, and so accord the respect that every individual merits. In the opening and closing of this piece, you’ll hear the synth guitar.

« 360 Flip » comes from skateboard move my son introduced me to, and reminded me of a 360 Flip that can happen in your mind, when your mind turns 360 degrees and you see everything the same but differently. This can happen while playing music, meditating or even walking in the mountains.

« Clap your hand » is a pun on the Zen koan, « What is the sound of one hand clapping? »
« Gaza City » requires no explanation after the bombardment of that City in the summer of 2014. I played the synth guitar and electric guitar on this piece.

And finally « Kiki » who is such a dear friend and wonderful drummer.
I hope you find something in the music.

John McLaughlin