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Posted on Mai 28, 2013 in News, State of McMind | 2 comments

Dear Friends John here again after a long delay, for which I must present my excuses… I need to write about an experience I had last Saturday night. My wife, Ina and I had the pleasure to be invited by a dear friend Tereza Maxova and her husband to the  » LIFE BALL », which is an annual event held in Vienna, Austria. It was the 21st anniversary of...

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Number 3

Posted on Juin 6, 2011 in News, State of McMind | 17 comments

To our cousins in the US, I really need to bring your attention to the bureaucratic theater that your ‘foreign’ cousins are subject to every time we wish to bring our music/art to the US. To begin the arduous process of obtaining the necessary ‘work’ visa, we must first go on line with the closest US Consulate. The computer that...

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Part two of the state of McMind…

Posted on Mai 27, 2011 in News, State of McMind | 19 comments

We’re back home and going from day to day… Last night (Saturday) I dreamed of Miles again. I’ve dreamed of him quite a number of times since his departure, and last night was special. In my dream I arrived at the entrance of a kind of cafe – bistro, where I saw musicians I knew sitting at a table outside. I don’t recall who...

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State of McMind

Posted on Mai 18, 2011 in News, State of McMind | 14 comments

I’ve decided, for better or for worse, to write what might be termed a ‘blog’ for the website. The decision to do this comes as a result of my own belief that the more personal I am with the people who identify with me in some way, the more I identify with them, and the more universal we become. It’s the same in music. Listening to...

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