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To speak about music is an exercise in futility, as is to speak about spirituality; and to speak about both has to be a fast track to frustration. However, as curious humans we desire to understand the nature of Reality with the discursive mind. So I will try. The basic problem is that neither spirituality nor music belong to the level of the day-to-day mind.

All that can be said discursively about music are the technical aspects. For example: the development of technique and the diverse qualities of intervalic relationships, to mention two. But to speak about spirituality is fraught with problems of syntax. I can, in the non- discursive language of the spirit, pronounce that ‘One is One and One is Two’; however, the

language of this reality is in direct conflict with the language of the day-to-day mind. Fortunately, there have been, and are alive today, women and men of very high spiritual awareness who are lucid enough to be able to share their perception of reality in books and meetings, and on the internet. We now have numerous sources of inspiration of a spiritual nature available to us.

In a sense, it seems to me that the term ‘spiritual development’ is in fact the progressive revealing of our inmost nature. Moreover, the ultimate goal of any spiritual development is to become what we have always been and always will be from the very beginning of our life, and that is Pure Nature. Pure Nature being Pure Consciousness or Pure Awareness.

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