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For my farewell tour of the US, Paul Reed Smith built me the guitar of my dreams. It is hand made and integrates everything I need in a guitar. It is a magnificent instrument of great intrinsic value, and after my final and farewell tour of America, it will become priceless to me. It is for this reason I wish to auction it at the end of my tour, to raise money for the people who are healing through music, traumatized children and adults, in Palestine.
I again visited Palestine in mid October to see the situation, and unfortunately, it has deteriorated. There is acute need for support for this NGO. They are running out of funds, and the wonderful work they are doing will cease without additional support.
Even if you have no desire for a guitar, you can always make a donation at the following website, no matter how small it may be, it will be received with profound gratitude.

Children are the future of our world, and those born in Palestine suffer for no reason other than to have been born there. We can help to alleviate this suffering.
Speaking as an old hippy, “If I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem”.
Thank you for reading, peace and blessings to all, john mclaughlin.

We will post the link of the auction on 1st of december.