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The biggest blessing that jazz music has brought to the world is it’s ability to tie different cultures, places, and musical ideas, all bound together by one common unity; love. Guitarist John McLaughlin, a pioneer of the jazz-fusion movement and continuation lets his music thrive in a state of flexibility that had lead him to brilliant collaborations with other craft masters worldwide. McLaughlin’s impressive career reveals a pivotal purpose of exploration and always reaches for more questions rather than answering old ones. His contributions to 20th century music are invaluable. His primary focus for the nearly a decade has been his 4th Dimension Project, that has withstood a few personnel changes and strengthened since its inception, with a growing original repertoire and fantastic virtuoso players. Critics and fans alike received McLaughlin’s 2012 release Now Here this affectionately. Great new originals added depth to the already vast and brilliant McLaughlin catalogue. Alongside the guitarist is Gary Husband whose multi-instrumental virtuosity brings keyboards alongside drums, twelve-string bassist Etienne M’Bappe, and drum master Ranjit Barot. The group has been touring strong, and was captured last year at a particularly perfect night of music at Berkelee College of Music Performing Arts Center on June 22nd, 2013. The 4th Dimension has released the live recording, McLaughlin’s first in fourteen years, as The Boston Record.

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