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Widely regarded as the most technically accomplished electric guitarist of his generation, fusion’s founding father has little to prove as he reaches his 70th year. John McLaughlin is extravagantly virtuosic, with a work ethic that made him one of the few western musicians to master Indian music. His currency is speed, complexity and sheer volume. His sound isn’t always what you’d call subtle, but it certainly excites the blood and has endeared him to a wide audience, albeit one composed almost entirely of other guitarists. Those who feared that age might begin to slow McLaughlin down will be reassured by Now Here This. West African bassist Etienne M’Bappé, Indian drummer Ranjit Barot and US keyboardist Gary Husband provide the other three dimensions, scorching their way through a set of the guitarist’s challenging compositions at speeds and volumes that leave subtlety gasping for air. A blast, literally, from one of the greats.

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