Posted on Sep 27, 2011 in News | 16 comments

Thanks for the unexpected response to my words. I knew that it would provoke both positive and negative reactions. I’m happy to have both. We all know piracy is here to stay since nothing is all bad, even piracy. I’m aware that through pirates’ operations, people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries have the opportunity to download music they would otherwise never have access to, and this is necessarily good.
My comments are not even about my own situation any more. Musicians of my generation have been ‘suffering’ since the invention of the audio cassette! We’ve been living with it for decades. In addition, I’m very fortunate to have played with the greatest from East and West, and have an audience who support my work.
What really upsets me is the situation for the younger musicians. It really is rough out there, as most young players will agree. My commentary is about the perception of Internet theft. Whatever anyone may say, stealing IS stealing. What is clear, is that the ‘old days’ are gone forever. We are in a period of transition which always incurs a certain chaos. We need to find a system that will give the opportunity to musicians who want to give their music freely, the possibility. However, the system must include a way that enables musicians who live from their work, to be paid for their work.
Thanks for reading!