Posted on Mai 27, 2011 in News, State of McMind | 19 comments

We’re back home and going from day to day… Last night (Saturday) I dreamed of Miles again.
I’ve dreamed of him quite a number of times since his departure, and last night was special. In my dream I arrived at the entrance of a kind of cafe – bistro, where I saw musicians I knew sitting at a table outside. I don’t recall who the musicians were. They told me Miles was waiting for me inside, and I entered the cafe in a state of great anticipation.
Inside, Miles was sitting in a chair at a low table alone. He was dressed very simply and elegantly in a dark blue shirt, black pants and shoes, and he had beautiful black hair kinda wavy. I got down on my haunches to greet him and took his left hand in both of mine to give it a hug and a kiss, he looked at me with those shiny eyes, and without a word started tapping his heart rapidly with his right hand as if to signal he was very happy to see me.

He then spoke in that husky voice he had and said, « We’re gonna record Thursday! »
I was so excited I woke up with my own heart beating fast…

What a mysterious thing the mind is…