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It took journalist Walter Kolosky eight months to put together Follow Your Heart: John McLaughlin Song by Song(Abstract Logix, 2010), though, in effect, this impressive listener’s guide has been the culmination of a lifetime listening to the English guitarist’s music. Kolosky has written extensively on McLaughlin‘s music for many years, and has interviewed him many times. Few people have dedicated quite so much of their time or expended as much energy as Kolosky, in attempting to understand McLaughlin’s music. This is not the first book about McLaughlin’s music that Kolosky has penned, either; Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra (Abstract Logix Books, 2003) was a long overdue look at the incendiary fusion band that made McLaughlin’s name as guitar legend. The book garnered rave reviews and established Kolosky as one of the foremost authorities on the music of John McLaughlin.

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