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The Equipment part of the website has been updated.



Things have been evolving here. For quite a few years, I used the Sony M7 Pre-Amp which I still use sometimes in the studio. It has tremendous possibilities in the programming. It also has a nice Ring-Modulator which I’ve been using on and off since 1973-4. I first used it on ‘Visions of the Emerald beyond’.

For the past 4 years I changed to a MesaBoogie PreAmp (V-Twin) with MXR chorus and delay, but just prior to the US tour the 4th Dimension made last November, I discovered the Seymour-Duncan Twin Tube Classic which is really good. I like the warmth, the nice edge and the upper register especially.
I used MesaBoogie amps in the 1970’s and they were great then, but in PreAmp terms, the Seymour Duncan really has it. Anyway, MesaBoogie stopped making their PreAmp some years ago.

We will always need backup. There can always be a breakdown in the middle of a set, and I’m prepared. Right next to my pedal board onstage, I have a PreAmp unit called Zen. (nice name!) There are two models, one really small, and the Zen2 which is a bit bigger, but has a tube inside for better tone. These units are truly excellent. The tone of both including the small one is amazing. Fully recommended!

I’m playing the Godin Freeway onstage and in the studio. In addition to the nice tone it has, the midi captor is the best around for midi. This is so useful when archiving. You can build your own library with your scores ready to pull out at a moments notice. You might have heard the two pieces on my last CD ‘To the One’, that were played exclusively with midi using my Mac laptop and Logic ES2 software.

At home I still have my historically favorite guitars:
Gibson J200. What a guitar…
My Abe Wechter ‘Notre Dame’ used on the ‘Thieves and Poets’ CD
I have two Gibson Johnny Smiths, both from the 1970’s
My Mike Sabre ‘Mini’ with a Johnny Smith Humbucker and Richard McClish’s great bridge hardware for the whammy bar and the piezo midi-captor,
A beautiful Paul Reed-Smith…

A white Strat, reminding me of the 1968 white Strat I gave to Jeff Beck in the mid-1970’s, which was stolen…

A re-issue Black Les Paul Custom with Bigsby. This model was used on Lifetime recordings with drummer Tony Williams, and the 1st Mahavishnu LP ‘Inner Mounting Flame’.

A 1975 Gibson 345 Stereo with Bigsby and a scalloped fingerboard that I played on the “Electric Guitarist” LP, and later with the One Truth band.
A very nice custom Black Godin Freeway with semi-scallopped fingerboard, and fitted with True Temperament frets. I play this guitar in the studio recording, and video of the CD ‘To the One”.

For midi I’ve been using a Roland GI 20 for quite a few years now, but I think Roland should have done some work on it already a long time ago. It is not perfect. I have heard rumors of newer and superior units coming out, and I’ll be at the Frankfurt MusikMesse where I’m sure I’ll see some progress on this front. (I certainly hope so…)

I’ll keep you updated.