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To all our friends.

Our new website has been up for about a year now, and I had written a piece called ‘A New Karuna’, part of which is the background music to the site. Many people have written to us enquiring about this music and if they could obtain it somewhere.


Since it was never recorded, it was unavailable. This Christmas my wife Ina and I have decided to make a special offer to those who are interested in having the entire piece. There will be no charge for downloading ‘A New Karuna’ to anyone, but there will be the possibility to make a donation to an organization who are doing wonderful work for abandoned children in India called Indian Smiles.


We have been associated with this group for some years now and we can whole-heartedly recommend them, and furthermore, we guarantee that all the funds collected from the ‘A New Karuna’ download will be given over to the organization.


In addition the people in Indian Smiles devote their time and work voluntarily. This means that all the money collected will go towards helping the children who are the only beneficiaries here. Any donation will be acceptable, but even if you don’t have any money you can still download the piece and always make a donation at some later date if you wish. There’s no obligation. We would also extend our gratitude to our associate Abstract Logix and their partner Beet, Inc for offering this download service free of charge. In ending, we would like to thank all our friends known and unknown, who support our work, and send them our joyful wishes for the season and the New Year.

John & Ina McLaughlin



Link for the free download : Abstractlogix