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« The future of music depends on all our cultures integrating »
Ranjit Barot is India’s premiere drummer on the drum kit…and if you live outside of India chances are you probably wouldn’t know that. But with the release of Floating Point , John McLaughlin’s studio CD on Abstract Logix, that is about to change.

Recorded in Chennai, India, Floating Point features what McLaughlin calls some of the “young lions” of India’s music scene. A wonderful amalgam of “raga meets fusion,” Floating Point will undoubtedly expose these amazing Indian musicians to a wider western audience. And while there are many musical highlights on the CD, it is the drumming of Ranjit Barot that is truly the standout performance.

Ranjit infuses his western influenced chops with his Indian soul. He creates rhythms that are intricate and unpredictable; yet they groove ferociously and swing effortlessly. He makes odd-time signatures seem as natural as breathing. Ranjit plays with limitless energy, endless imagination, and total abandon. McLaughlin calls him “One of the leading edges of drumming.”

Ranjit Barot is also one of India’s top music producers, and an accomplished composer and arranger. He has written numerous films scores and performed with some of India’s best musicians. Information on Ranjit’s early career and his film work are at and

In addition to music and drumming, Ranjit is very passionate about life and his family. That passion was very evident during our phone conversation from his home in Bombay, India. Throw in a sense of humor, and Ranjit is engaging, insightful, and a sheer delight to talk to.

During the Floating Point sessions, McLaughlin would jokingly say “You got it, or you don’t got it!” to the musicians after working with them on song arrangements .

Ranjit Barot – you got it!

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