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“To The One” is reviewed on the BBC website

Posted on Juin 9, 2010 in News, PR To The One, Press Reviews | 1 comment

As it says on the sleeve, as opposed to the tin: file under jazz/rock. These words, as well as the crackling electrified sounds that they invariably conjure up, are the devil itself for those who see jazz as a purely acoustic, swing-based art. But even they would have to concede that British guitarist McLaughlin is one musician who has brought grace as...

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“To The One” has been reviewed on Peter Bacon’s “Jazz Breakfast”

Posted on Juin 8, 2010 in News, PR To The One, Press Reviews | 0 comments

John McLaughlin and The 4th Dimension: To The One (Abstract Logix ABLX027) The guitarist has a blistering band comprising Gary Husband on keyboards (and sometimes drums too), Etienne M’Bappe on bass guitar and Mark Mondesir on drums, and he has set his sights firmly on achieving his own version of John Coltrane’s total absorption in the spiritual search...

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Interview for Guitar International: John McLaughlin: Musical and Spiritual Connection

Posted on Juin 4, 2010 in Interviews, News, PR To The One, Press Reviews | 2 comments

Played with Miles Davis, check. Helped invent the jazz-fusion movement and played on the genre’s most important album, check. Introduced millions of Western listeners to the wonders of Indian classical music and improvisation, check. Exponentially raised the level of rhythmic diversity in jazz, check. Recorded one of the most commercially successful jazz...

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