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Due reverence for a genuine guitar god

Due reverence for a genuine guitar god

Posted on mar 26, 2014 in News, On Tour | 0 comments

Encountering a guitarist whose breadth of spirituality and technical expertise far exceeds that of much more celebrated musicians like, say, Eric Clapton, or even his friend Carlos Santana, is doubly daunting. There is the astounding virtuosity on display, and then there is the awareness of how much influence he has exerted over the years. Read more here...

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The indian newspaper Deccan Herald

Posted on mar 24, 2014 in Interviews, News, Press Reviews | 0 comments

He has been hailed as the ‘best guitarist alive’ by fans, critics and his own fellow guitarists. In a career spanning over five decades, John McLaughlin has established himself as a global phenomenon cutting across genres. He has collaborated with the musical legends from the West to the East. Read more here...

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Examiner Review

Posted on mar 20, 2014 in News, Press Reviews, Products | 0 comments

John McLaughlin and 4th Dimension astound on live concert album John McLaughlin has used the electric guitar to explore musical boundaries for over a half-century. The English-born icon played with Miles Davis in the Sixties, headed up his own Mahavishnu Orchestra in the Seventies, and experimented with acoustic Indian music in Shakti. Since the early...

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Grateful web Review: The Boston Record

Posted on mar 20, 2014 in News, Press Reviews, Products | 1 comment

The biggest blessing that jazz music has brought to the world is it’s ability to tie different cultures, places, and musical ideas, all bound together by one common unity; love. Guitarist John McLaughlin, a pioneer of the jazz-fusion movement and continuation lets his music thrive in a state of flexibility that had lead him to brilliant collaborations with...

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